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さて、近時、ある米国の会社(以下「本件米国会社」といいます。)が、米国を中心として、Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling等パンクラスの名称及びパンクラスのロゴを使用し、米国における商標登録を受けている旨の虚偽の説明をし、あたかも自らがパンクラスブランドの正当な権利者であるかの如く喧伝し、ドキュメンタリーフィルムの作成・配信や各種イベントの企画をしているとの情報を入手いたしました。しかしながら、本件米国会社は、パンクラスに係る商標登録が、手続上の理由により一時的に失効していた隙に商標登録の申請を行ったものであり、本件米国会社は当社より以前に米国におけるパンクラス関連の商標の使用実績もなく、当社に優先して米国における商標権が認められるものではありません。また、米国会社がFacebook等において、米国特許商標庁にロゴの登録を受けている旨の記載をしておりますが、申請を行い審査を受けている段階に過ぎず、事実ではありません。



Regarding unauthorized use of Pancrase brand

Smash Co. Ltd. of Japan (“Smash“), operator of Pancrase, would like to share with you certain information we have obtained with regard to the unauthorized use of our Pancrase brand by a third party.

We have obtained information that a certain U.S. company (“the Company”) is preparing a project in which production and distribution of Pancrase documentary films and hosting of events under the name of Pancrase are under way mainly in the US. The Company has been using Pancrase trademark “Pancrase Hybrid Wrestling” and Pancrase logo and making itself out as the rightful owner of the Pancrase brand with the logo registered with the authorities. However, the Company just made a trademark application while the trademark registration, temporarily expired due to procedural reasons. The Company has no record of use of the Pancrase trademark preceding our use. We believe that the Company’s trademark registration application does not prevail over ours. The Company’s statement in its Facebook or others that the Pancrase logo is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in its name is anything but the case; the trademark application is still under evaluation.

Smash entered into a certain business transfer agreement dated May 18, 2012 with Pancrase KK (the “Business Transfer Agreement”) by which the “Pancrase business” was transferred from Pancrase KK to Smash, and Smash has since been operating the Pancrase business. Prior to that, Pancrase KK had obtained the Pancrase business from World Pancrase Create under a certain business transfer agreement (the “Initial Business Transfer Agreement”). Smash has obtained all of the trademark rights relating to the Pancrase business under the Business Transfer Agreement. Under the Initial Transfer Business Agreement, the transferred trademarks were expressly referred to as those obtained in foreign countries including the US as well as in Japan and, hence, Smash has duly and effectively obtained all of the Pancrase trademarks which World Pancrase Created held in Japan and those foreign countries via Pancrase KK.

Smash has determined that significant infringement of its rights has been committed by the Company and is preparing to institute legal proceedings against the Company and its related parties. We are in the process of applying for trademark registration in Smash’s name in the US.

Let me take the liberty of advising that caution should be taken against any risks which may arise from being unknowingly involved in the Company’s project based on the misunderstanding that it is the rightful owner of the Pancrase brand.